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     Thank you for your willingness to host/teach one of our small groups. We are thankful for your contribution to the life of the church. We expect that God will bless you as you exercise the gifts He’s given you and take advantage of the opportunities He’s afforded you.


    These notes are intended to provide structure and direction to our small group lessons. The goal is to facilitate discussions by reading through the passage, teaching through the talking points, and allowing time for interaction with the group discussion questions. At the end of each lesson there will also be prayer suggestions. We want to cultivate a deeper prayer experience with God and we believe that will happen as we learn to pray through the words and concepts that we’re studying. 


    We want these outlines to be a blessing and a benefit to you. Some of you will enjoy “sticking to the script” and staying close to the notes we provide. Others may be more comfortable using the notes as a touch point or spring board for further discussion. We want everyone in the church to be on the same page in terms of what we’re reading and what kind of discussions we’re having. At the same time, we want each group leader to feel free to incorporate relevant points from your own personal studies. 


    Please do your best to get the group involved. Ideally, there will be time for teaching as well as time for people to answer questions and ask their own. Also, let’s be sure to set aside ample time for prayer. It’s a vital part of our relationship with God - not a footnote to our Bible study. 

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